Marketing Collaterals

Outsourcing your marketing

This is a specific part of our business working with a handful of clients to manage all of their brand marketing activity. The term 'brand marketing' is deliberate as we always stay brand focused. All retainer work is to an annual plan with agreed monthly fees or project basis for individual marketing collaterals.

The brochure is one of the best ways to present your company. At SKEPPER we focus on a simple philosophy of creatively planned well determined design and execution that guarantee to build your brand at its best and keep you off herd.


A great poster design will create the mood, broadcast the key message and make the connections with your audience to drive sales. Posters are a simple, yet very effective form of communication that can easily convey a message to the audience.  At SKEPPER, we produce posters for clients that reflect their brand and deliver the right information.
A good poster never goes unnoticed. Having the ability to be placed on pretty much any verticals, a strong poster will make people look twice and want to discover more about your business.


A leave behind is an important reminder of who you are and what you do. A good leave behind may be something a potential client holds on to for months. We at SKEPPER help you in creating a first impression that would be in your customers mind about your brand and your company.

Leave behind literature

The visual aid is primarily a marketing tool that incorporates product’s efficacy, clinical data that support the manufacturer's claims displayed in a creative way.

Visual aid

One of the most versatile and affordable type of marketing materials are flyers. Promotions always involve the process of making consumers aware of a new product or service a company or individual is offering. Flyers are used for promotion therefore, the information contained in them is intended to bring some impact on consumer behaviour towards the product or service being promoted. We at SKEPPER make you the flyer that stands different from the crowd.

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Customers Are Saying

Customer feedback is a very crucial part in our day to day jobs. Our day ends happily only if our clients are happy with our service. Go-ahead and read some of our prospective clients feedback about us.