Interactive Ipad Detailers


WE DESIGN AND DEVELOP electronic detail aids for various industries and especially for pharmaceutical industry that Maximize Engagement.

We help companies use iPads with closed-loop marketing to transform the detail experience and truly engage providers with their brands? There are 6 keys for us find success:

Practice Relevance

We take a storytelling approach that allows providers to determine the presentation’s direction, so discussions are relevant to each practice’s real-world situation. What doctors or customer prefer about e-detailing is that it lets them select the most pertinent content.

Dynamic Presentations

Support and enhance messages with graphics and animation that reinforce key points. Leverage the iPad’s functionality to tell the story — letting doctors or customer sweep, swipe, and pinch their way to knowledge.

Being Interactive

Use surveys, polls, games and other interactive tools to keep physicians interested and engaged and provide real-time learning.

Right Technology

Support the experience with a technology platform that facilitates pre-call planning, post-call follow up, meaningful data collection, insightful analyses, and actionable metrics.

Grab Attention

Effective interactions can reach beyond the doctor or customers to capture the interest of the entire office, including nurses, physician assistants, and support staff based on their roles and available time.

Measure your Success

Know the metrics that matter and measure them to drive the optimal return on your vision. We’ve seen clients achieve double-digit brand preference increases, based on iPad detailing alone.

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