By Ranjith

Video and your Content Marketing Strategy

Earlier, content marketing strategies were all about the written word and how they were portrayed in blogs and other forms of text, but since then, there have been a lot of changes with images and videos coming in and playing major roles with the overall strategy. In this present day, it has become even more necessary to include videos in your marketing strategy due to the dwindling attention span of the consumers. The video added could play as a hook to reel in the attention of the potential consumers. Studies have shown that 55% of people pay more attention to video than any other form of content.


Just uploading videos on YouTube for your video strategy is no longer viable. Nowadays, extensive planning and research, as well as execution, is necessary to see positive results for the video in your marketing strategy.


Some tips to integrate video into your content marketing strategy are:

1. Planning and Goal setting

Before making any changes in a content strategy, thorough research, as well as planning, is required to be done. This will help ensure that the goals being set aren’t just for inserting some video rather than of better promotion. All things related to the video should be taken into consideration, like what the video should be about, how long should it be, and how many times should the video be included in the strategy. If a business is new to including video in their campaigns, hiring a videographer would be a great idea.

2. Video Placement

One of the most recommended practices when it comes to video is, to add it to the top of a business’s landing page. Videos are usually attention grabbers and having one would be the first thing a potential customer views. This could be a great way to help them immerse themselves in the brand and piques interest to go further in and browse more.


A must-have, when a brand just starts to include videos into its content marketing strategy, is to include testimonial videos, these will help build up some veracity of the brand’s products among potential customers.

3. A Great Start

Having a great start to this new and changed marketing strategy is crucial to determining its success. It is because of this that brands that first include video in their marketing strategies start with small videos. While it is just amazing to come out with a big video to introduce yourself; this has more chances of falling flat with the audience. Hence it is advisable for brands to start something small and based on the response, widen their scope.

4. Inclusion in Emails

In our daily life, we receive countless emails that we rarely skim past or sometimes just outright ignore. But including a video at its start is a great way to capture the audience’s attention as well as to help get your point across to the viewer. They become a great tool to help increase the efficiency of one of the oldest marketing strategies still in use; that is, E-mail marketing.


Integrating video into a brand’s content marketing strategy is a must these days when attention spans are getting shorter and pickier as well. Mentioned above are some of the easiest ways one can begin to use video in their content marketing strategies.