By Yasser Arafath​

Graphic Designing the inevitable element in advertising

Advertising is a visual platform where graphic design plays a vital role. An intelligent visual is capable enough to communicate a complete story. Also, designs attract the eyes within a blink. Advertisement agencies make use of expert graphic designers to aid the campaigns with meaningful and colorful visual elements. In fact, advertisements without visuals is like a structure without body. Graphics also remain an important factor to infuse creativity into advertisement campaigns.

Advertising is the technique of persuading the public into using products and services. To bring about such a reaction, graphic design helps with the visual elements like the color, logo, designs, and visual appeal. 

So, why is graphic designing important in advertising…Let’s have a peek into why.


1. Graphic Design is an efficient way to communicate

Visuals speak better than text. When it comes to advertising images are used to make the voice louder. We judge a graphic design by its capability to communicate the message to the right target audience through the visual attraction. It’s efficiency is determined by the clarity of the message and the interest it can boost through the visual medium.

2. Brings your brand to life

Imagery in an advertising campaign is the element that brings real life and impact. Through design elements; the message reaches quickly to the target audience and makes your brand stand apart from the rest. A design has the power to persuade an individual a thousand times more than just words. Visuals make the audience to think, remember and love your brand.

3. Helps to gain attention

Are you looking to sell a product or your service? then say hello to attractive designs and graphic elements in your campaigns. We all are aware that visual has more impact than text and thus, a well-designed ad campaign can catch the attention of the target audience through the visuals. The usage of the right colors, images as well as font, helps to drive customers towards your product.

4. Design drives conversion

Every visual design has a strong call to action. Most of the time, if your design is great, out of the box and authentic then your target audience looks into the call to action; helping you to sell your product and brand. If you’re using great designs and imagery in your ad campaigns; then surely you will have many conversions. 

5. A good design enhances visibility

A well-designed ad display can make all the difference. It is the vision and creative instincts that will help to make your brand popular and memorable. A few questions to keep in mind are – does my target audience like a minimalistic approach, or do they like a flashy look? Whatever it might be; it’s the graphic elements that play a crucial role in attracting the audience towards your brand. A good design or a campaign with unique and meaningful visuals can attract more eyes than all other modes of ad display.

At the end of it, there are a few signs that will help you indicate whether your design is good or not:

  – How many people paid attention to what the visual ad wanted to convey

  – Did you manage to catch the attention of your audience?

  – How much positive feedback did you get through your advertisements?


So, clearly, an advertising campaign can be much powerful with apt images or graphics included into it. This will captivate and engage the right target audience towards the product and brand and increase your sales through a powerful call to action!