Creating a powerful identity for your brand

Whatever be your brand – small or big, startup or corporate, regional or global, product-based or service-based – creating a recognizable brand identity is the key to evolving as a real winner in the competition.

Binoy Parakat

By Binoy Parakat

Whatever be your brand – small or big, startup or corporate, regional or global, product-based or service-based – creating a recognizable brand identity is the key to evolving as a real winner in the competition. Many brands struggle to project themselves as they wanted to be, because they fail to tackle many known or unknown brand building strategies. 

What exactly is Brand Identity? 

Brand identity in the simplest form is the face of your brand. It is how you portray your business to the outer world and it is how the people recognize your brand. Brand identity includes many elements like name, logo, brand colours, typography, graphical representations, iconography, videos, motion graphics, web platforms etc. It comes as a package and each element in it helps to contribute to building your brand identity.

Importance of Brand Identity

First of all, brand identity differentiates you from other brands. It helps you stand out in the competition. Identified brands are trusted for quality and service and they are more convincing than unknown players. It is true to say that recognition and loyalty follow familiar brands. Proper brand-identity building is a must to remain successful in a crowded marketplace. 

Importance of Brand Identity

Building a powerful brand identity is not a one-step task, but a strenuous, constant, strategic, technical and intelligent effort which has to be researched, defined, designed and executed in the best possible way to help your brand reach the people and remain their prior choice. It also requires market studies, trend analysis and timely fulfilment of pre-set milestones. 

Well, Skepper, the leading digital agency in Bangalore, has assisted many known and growing brands to define and build their brand identity for over a decade and has developed our own branding strategies to bring out quicker and scalable results in brand building. It is always advisable to get your brand built by an experienced and expert team of creative minds as brand identity is all about being better and being different. 

The Skepper way of brand identity

At Skepper every client is important, every project is our flagship project and each design is a masterpiece. We approach each brand-identity-building task in a step by step method.

Step 1. Thorough analysis

At the outset, we conduct an analysis process to know the challenges and to reach the best solutions. The analysis will include your current brand strategies, projected results, market competition, targeted audience, content and graphic statistics and up to date brand identity. We also dig into how your branding goals match with the current identity to know exactly how your brand is perceived. As a result of this initial process, we have a complete picture of the goals and current status. 

Step 2. Creative brainstorming

Multiple Skepper teams are included in step 2. The creative team will discuss the numerous branding possibilities. Client relation experts will collect the requirements, goals and foreseen milestones from you. The content and graphic team will brainstorm on exclusive ideas to project your brand in front of the world. The project management team will set-up the targets, deliverables and timelines to meet your requirement. And as you press the approval button, the Skepper machinery initiates the process and joins hand in hand in your journey to success. 

Step 3: Creating the brand strategy

Upon client approval, the Skepper team begins defining the brand strategy and moves ahead with the process one by one. We begin with portraying the vision, mission, values and goals which are known as the brand heart. Moving on, we design your brand personality, brand pillars, tagline, brand voice tone etc. finally it’s the creative part where the brand logo, brand colours, typography, image styles etc. are setup. At the end of this step, now you already have a polished face for your brand. 

Step 4: Brand Display

Having an attractive face may not be enough to get people noticed, but a public display of your brand in the most stylish format is essential to make people recognize you. To achieve this, we help you with social media ads, event displays, motion videos, graphic representations, ad films, blogs and landing pages. There is only one way for people to memorize your story, go on telling it beautifully. 

As an aspiring brand, do you like Skepper to tell your story to people in our unique and beautiful way? Why wait, let’s discuss it over a coffee. We are excited to hear your story and retell it to people in an alluring way.