Adding brand value

We reimagine legacy brands

SKEPPER creative agency is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency headquartered in Bangalore. Our branding service is a commitment and a promise to clients to help them evolve into successful brands.

Remaining one of the best digital ad agencies, we make sure that your brand’s story mission identity and language well resonate with your customers.

As a creative branding agency, we focus on branding as our core service.

Brand-focused solutions

Our top-notch branding service helps a brand to gear up its game and stand apart from its competition. If a brand is with us - the competition will have to buckle up to catch up in the race.

Branding services involve working on the logo, tagline, color, and its overall identity. As a leading advertising company, we have mastered the art of creating a brand’s reflection in the market.

SKEPPER promises a journey of perfection and innovation. With our unique and effective strategies brands can leave an everlasting impression on their customers!

As a creative brand agency, we make a brand awesome!

We know how to manage brand projects from the bottom up

Creating new brands from ground-zero

We challenge ourselves every day and adhere to paths that break monotony and the mundane use of conventional ideas, also generates spectacular ideas and tangible ads that engages, inspires and creates a lasting emotional connection with the audience

We come together to conceptualize, visualize, strategize and make a brand memorable. Our approach involves understanding a brand in detail and step into their shoes to understand their story and how they function.


Get you off the ground

Get you off the ground

Launching a new business is a costly affair which is why we make different levels of launch branding possible to fit what you want to achieve. One option is our 'Get you off the ground' package which includes: brand identity, website & launch essentials (business card, stationery & leaflet.)

Small Business

BIG THINKING for Small Business

Part of our work is taking our brand expertise developed at a corporate level and applying it to small business projects. We have a passion for branding which we believe is integral to business success, no matter what size you are.

Business Boost

Business boost

Numerous small business owners after trading for many years find they need a boost to grow further. We provide a 'Business boost' package at an affordable price, designed specially to support small business with professional branding, including updating your business identity.

Let’s create your brand, together!

Our team of experts is just waiting to create a unique brand identity that will set a brand different from another.

So leave the work to us and enjoy the ride!

(try to select more than one if you have multiple)


Need to change direction

A significant part of our business is working with companies and public bodies to define how best to rebrand and change direction. This is not and should not be purely an identity design process. It has to be based on solid strategic thinking to define the new positioning, character and messaging needed to make a difference.

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